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how true that is the points you make are true to te heart. i myself have come across many lke that... It is good to know that someone is their if we need them
Originally Posted by wildmanatheart View Post
First thing you need to know about SCAMMERS is that “They Are Not Dumb!”
They read everything you write here and use it to learn how to do a better job at scamming you…

Second we can not stop them! But if we all work together and report anyone you think is a scammer, we can make there life’s and what they do
I worked for the US Government and the job I did, was to find patters in chat. I have found “lots of thing’s” that they do and if you see… I have given you things to look for... right off the bat! Which will tell you… you have a scammer! Now I’m not going to tell you everything… because like I said… “They Are Reading This Also!”


If there is no photo, they have something to hide… So what do you do?

Write them and ask for their photo. They will send you 1 or 2 photos. But when you ask them for more photos they will say… “I Have Sent You My Photos” Ask them for more photos… Their reply will most likely be… “In Time / Wait” or “I Do Have A Camera” or “It’s Broken” or “I Do Not Have One With Me Now” or “I Will Take Some Soon”
The Key Things Is… They will have an “EXCUSES” or some reason not to send you more photo’s… If they are who they say they are… They will have more than 1 or 2 photos.

Think about this… You are 50 years old… Someone send you a FLIRT.
“I Want To Talk With You!” So you send them an e-Mail back, They reply back with.

“I’m 25 Years Old” or “I’m Young” or “Does Age Really Matter”
Ask yourself this question… “Why would a “25 YEAR OLD” be writing me?
Well let’s really think about this… A Younger Person… HUMmmm? Sounds good to you right… WRONG!!! They are telling you “I’m Younger Than You” Why? To make you feel better know that “And We All Have Said” (Date A Younger Person) that would be nice!
Get Real People… They Are Telling You What You Want Too Hear!

You live in MAINE. Why would someone from 1,200 – 3,000 miles away from you want to talk with you? Seems kind of strange does it not! Do I really need to say more about this!

Is It All There? What Does It Say?

First, they will research people on this site and put you in a list of people that are the same… AGE, RACE, SEX, HAIR & EYE Color, BODY TYPE, LIFESTYLE… And Then Your Personality… Smoker, Non Smoker… You get the idea RIGHT! Now they will target as many people in the same STATE or COUNTRY as they can.

So now let’s think about the last thing to really think about! This one I find all the time.

Say everything above sounds ok and you start to write them.
“Ask Questions”
Why Would Ever Answer Come Back… “Just What “YOU” Want Too Hear!”

Now People… Do Not!!! I say this again… “DO NOT”… Tell Them ANYTHING About Yourself that they can use to their avenge… If you say to them “I Like The Color Blue” and they say the same thing back too you… OK… 1 in 10 chance. Now Two thing's the same, then Three, Four, FIVE… WOW!!! REALLY NOW… What are the chances of this… 1 in 100,000 Sorry People… It’s 1 in 100 MILLION… Think Your Getting Played With… YES YOU ARE!!!

Now like I said… There is a lot more things I could tell you but...
“I Will NOT! WHY?

SIMPLE ANSWER! The FRAUD DEPARTMENT at Online Dating App Know What They Are Doing!
If something does not seam right… REPORT IT TOO THEM… They Will Stop Them!
Together we can make it very hard for them to do what they are doing!
Help Them Do Their Job… Keep Reporting to them and we can make it a better place for all of us… We Can Do It! You just have to let Singlenet do their job… Happy Hunting!
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